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Publié le 7 septembre 2022

SYNOVIVO & MANAGERIA accelerate their development in Asia & settle in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur skyline

SYNOVIVO & MANAGERIA are pure players in recruitment for executives, top managers and experts’ profiles specialized in Agriculture & Agro-Food Industries. In addition to an effective HR methodology, their added-value relies on the excellent knowledge of markets and business skills in their areas of expertise. Leaders and decision-makers appreciate this differentiating approach, which provides much more than recruitment.

Already set up strongly in France to cover activities in the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East, Africa), our activities in Asia have grown rapidly over the past 2 years. This positive situation has led us to accelerate establishment of a new ASIA zone mainly dedicated to South East Asia.

From July 2022, ASIA zone’s operations are developed from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Thailand (Bangkok). Singapore will be the next step to set up the development strategy.

Our international team works in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Bahasa and Mandarin.


International development was a major focus for SYNOVIVO & MANAGERIA Alliance’s strategy. We define the best organization to provide efficient services adapted to the different geographical areas in which our clients are active. Our deep agriculture and food industries expertise is available wherever we operate. The establishment of the ASIA Hub is the 2nd stage of international development after the structuring of the EMEA Hub. We keep our values; Proximity and Performance to maintain high Customers’ Satisfaction ».

SYNOVIVO Consulting is an international recruitment agency, designed for economic actors invested in life sciences with expertise developed in the fields of agriculture, agro-industry, agricultural distribution and biotechnology. SYNOVIVO also integrates an operational consulting activity in agribusiness.

MANAGERIA, founded more than 35 years ago, acts as a recruitment specialist for the leading industrial sector in terms of jobs and where innovation rhymes with passion: the food industry. We recruit for large international groups but also for many SMEs. Our missions concern middle and top management positions or profiles of sharp experts.

Elodie SALOU
Communication & Development Manager SYNOVIVO-MANAGERIA
E-mail: e.salou@manageria.fr


Hugues Dumas

Hugues DUMAS (France and Malaysia), Co-CEO & founder,

Pure player of agro-industry and agribusiness, Hugues is a successful entrepreneur. After more than 15 years as Marketing Leader, BU Manager and General Manager in Seeds Industry (Limagrain, Vilmorin, HMClause), Biotechnologies (Olmix), Crop Nutrition and Biosolutions Industries (Rovensa-Tradecorp), he has focused his skills toward HR activities to support decision-makers and executives leaders in his domain of expertise. 

Master’s Degree & Engineer in Agriculture, bachelor in cell biology, graduate of EDHEC Business School, it is a leader and manager, specialist in life sciences and agribusiness professions who is at your service. People development and performance is also highlighted in its sports and association commitments.

Co-founder of Seed-In-Tech, a biotech start-up in seed priming, Hugues has roles of operational consultant for private equity & investors (due diligence, organization audit, marketing, go-to-market strategy,…)

Contact : hdumas@synovivo.com        (MY) +60 10 428 29 86              (FR)+33 6 33 01 75 37

Thomas Legoff

Thomas LE GOFF (Malaysia), Consultant Asia,

Coming from France, Thomas arrived in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 straight after his graduation from the Normandy Business School. After 6 years spent in general management roles especially in HR Consulting businesses, he decided towards 2019 to start his own boutique recruitment agency, HR2O Asia. For the last years Thomas focuses his recruitment expertise on E-commerce, Logistics and digital roles from Junior to top management positions.

Strong of his 9 years in South East Asia, Thomas knows the importance of building high performing teams, and what it takes to do so. He will bring his local markets expertise to SYNOVIVO & MANAGERIA.

Being an entrepreneur, connecting with new people on a daily basis and finding solutions to challenges is what make him excited to wake up every morning!

Contact : t.legoff@manageria.fr           (MY) +60 11 14 35 61 31

Nathan Preteseille

Nathan PRETESEILLE (Thaïland and France), Consultant Asia.

Coming from a family of winegrowers, Nathan has a background as an INSA Engineer with a specialization at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie of Toulouse. After a stint in the seed sector during his studies, he developed the Asia subsidiary of AETS in the fields of aquaculture and protein production from insects. As part of his duties, he also provided training and regulatory consulting missions. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he was at the origin of the1st interprofession of actors of human and animal food from insect protein; AFFIA headquartered in Singapore.

Nathan will bring his market expertise, his knowledge of the Agri/Agro businesses and the agility of his local networks to find the best profiles of companies wishing to develop skills and teams in Asia.

Contact : npreteseille@synovivo.com  (TH) + 66 61 876 41 97            (FR)+33 7 70 01 23 56