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Support for Top Management and Interim Management in the agro food sector

All members of LeadiA are Senior Consultants. They have a professional background in the operational functions in the agro-food sector in combination with significant HR consulting experience. LeadIA develops a service offer based on:

– Customized support for Top Management
– Expertise on the sector
– A network of Managers and Top Managers




LeadIA lays emphasis on the combination of skills in human sciences and sector knowledge. It enables to build, optimize or validate a top manager’s professional and personal project with the aim to focus on their own specific assets. The objective is to tailor the best strategy to make his or her professional plans come true.




Surrounding yourself with skilled and motivated women and men helps building a successful executive team and company project.

LeadiA offers a structured analytic approach The aim is to validate on a middle or long-term basis the personal and professional project of the key executives in the company.

The tripartite approach Co-worker- Company- Consultant is intended to validate/support promotion, evolution or the taking of new responsibilities and to address any business or personal difficulties.



In a more personal setting, funded or not by the company, the LeadiA skills assessment helps providing answers for managers. It evaluates their personal and professional project within or outside the Company.

This service can accompany separation from the employer as a reorientation conducted personally.




In urgent cases related to the departure or unavailability of key executives, LeadIA relies on a specific database of Interim Managers. They are able to perform functions of General Management, Board Members, Plant or BU Management (on the basis of a service contract of limited duration).

Different from a classic recruitment process, this connection is based on the knowledge of the business context and the expertise of LeadIA’s professional partners. It is conducted in a reduced time frame for a rapid solution in a crisis situation or to meet strong expectations of Top Managers.

In addition to this linking, LeadiA brings its skills and profiles analysis capacity and accompanies the mutual agreement process.




On behalf of groups or SMEs, the search for Officers or Directors is an act of the utmost importance.

This type of recruitment requires a detailed understanding of the company and its culture. Thus it is required to work under a personalized and often confidential approach of executives capable of fulfilling this fundamental assignment.

LeadiA offers a specific network created for over 25 years in the agro food and life sciences sectors and the experience of its senior consultants.