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Our missions and values : facilitate your recruitments


Fed with the family spirit of our firm, our teams share the same values: for 30 years, we have forged and maintained a network of customers and candidates who appreciate the way we facilitate their recruitments.




SUSTAINABILITY : everyday, we invent ManagerIA’s 30 years to come

GROWTH : thanks to the confidence gained from 300 customers, companies in the agro-food business, we continue the adventure with serenity.

ADAPTABILITY : in the exciting world of recruitment a new innovation for the benefit of Human resources appears every day. We must be in constant standby to offer you proven solutions.

ETHICS : because without it, our job would have no meaning.

PROFESSIONALISM : we claim that we are “Professionals within the professionals”, it is our trademark!




Our Consultants take the time to listen to your need and then to return it to you in writing; this step is necessary to initiate a controlled and effective project.

We promote active listening: what is the context – history, values – in your company? What are your projects? What is the working atmosphere, the personality of the team the profile will join in?

Our goal: take advantage of the mirror effect of our exchanges to ensure that we move forward together in the right direction and select the most relevant candidates.

Recruiting is all about understanding your requirements and issues in the assignment to launch. As a partner, we guarantee to put all our resources at the service of your recruitment projects with diligence and efficiency.




ManageriA relies on a community of professionals in the agro-food sector.

Over fairs, conferences, through our links with the Agro Engineering or Business Schools, we talk, travel, debate with managers who can in turn become clients or candidates.

Our strength lies in our ability not only to find the profiles of today and tomorrow but also to ensure that we know them. We interview around 1,000 professionals a year, we are closely following the careers, the changes, we support, advise and recruit the experts in our industry.

In the age of digital solutions for recruitment, outsourcing, big data, we choose to keep people at the heart of our approach. Our job is to already know the candidate you need.