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A network of partners dedicated to Human and to the Agri-Food sector

As part of its activities dedicated to Human Ressources, recruitment and Consulting, ManagerIA has developed links with companies or organisations promoting the agro-food business and practicing their consulting business with ethics.

In this context, we are pleased to offer you a detour on these few sites :




www.manager-alimentaire.com   The news of the agro food business in 15 minutes, twice a month:  ACQUISITIONS – INNOVATIONS – INVESTMENTS – PLANTS


Recruitment, jobboards and schools


www.uniagro.fr  UniAgro gathers more than 40 000 Agro engineers active in sciences and life sciences. The aim of this federation, created in 2006, is to offer services and communication tools as they combine the alumni associations of each school.

www.ingenia-asso.fr  Carreer and employment service of 4 Engineer associations for Food, agriculture, agroindustry, environment and landscape.


Business networks, market monitoring


www.clubpai.com  Created in 1983, Club PAI is an associaiton gathering professionnals in the intermediary food products with the iam of promoting their branches, share experience and improve compmunication to usersand specialized press.


Competitiveness clusters


http://www.pole-valorial.fr/  Since January 2016, we are a member of the Valorial Partners Club.
Today, Valorial has members sucha as representatives from industry, research centres and higher education and its core business focuses on the development, launch and monitoring of innovative joint R&D projects.
Valorial offers an accessible, friendly team who provide daily support for innovation projects.
Valorial is at the centre of a vibrant, varied network of partners, all working together towards collaborative innovation in Europe’s leading food-producing region.
As an exclusive partner, we offer the Valorial members our support and expertise on our HR and Recruitment issues and we take part in all the events organized by Valorial.