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An intervention all along the entire agri-food chain, from production to distribution

Backed up by their professional experience, our consultants have developed their expertise and built specialized recruitment services in the food industry, bringing you a sharpened eye on the market and the different positions of this sector.

An expertise in recruitment on all areas of the agri-food sector:


Your request will be handled by a consultant experienced on your activity, to quickly understand your problem. You’ll benefit effectively from our experience as a recruiter specialized on the food sector « from field to fork » :

  • Agro supplies: animal feed, fertilizers, seeds, farm equipment, phyto,
  • Ingredients : colors, flavors, functional and nutritional ingredients, active principles,
  • Consumer products,
  • Catering : out of home food services (collective and commercial catering ),
  • Food distribution : out of home food service, medium-size large-scale retail stores, vending machines,
  • Machinery and equipment, food processing,
  • Culinary environment,
  • Professional organizations and education in the food industry,
  • But also health, pharmacy, cosmetics and perfumes.

In each case, we offer a specialist approach, tailored to the food company.


A clear vision of the agri-food market :

Present in all major exhibitions and networking events around the industry and more broadly the food profession , we are particularly sensitive to the culture of the food company.

As we claim to be specialists in the food recruitment, it is essential for us to keep our attention every day on many issues related to the market (intermediate food products and technologies, agriculture and environment, food and health, or even services and environment, etc.).

Very active in the search and use of information to our customers, we conduct constant monitoring in the food world and we are paying close attention to HR issues and market trends in order to conduct the recruitment that you entrust us on solid foundations and recommend appropriate solutions directly.


An in depth knowledge of jobs and skills

Since 30 years, we have been active on the entire food production and distribution channel.


We offer solutions to find, evaluate and recruit managers and specialists in all functions:

  • R&D,
  • Production
  • Logistics, Supply Chain,
  • Quality,
  • Regulatory affairs,
  • Purchasing and Sales,
  • Marketing and Communication.
  • Finance
  • human Ressources
  • General Management

Because we maintain a daily contact with candidates occupying these positions and also because we handle targeted problems entrusted by our customers, we have gained extensive knowledge which allows us to provide effective and tailored solution to your search for the best profiles.