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 Personal data protection policy

We invite you to carefully read our policy on personal data protection

Beyond compliance with the law (General Data Protection Regulation, implemented on 25/05/2018) ManageriA is committed to treat and protect your personal data with ethics and transparency in a balanced relationship based on trust. We care greatly for the respect of privacy.

The data includes the information contained in your CV and your cover letter (for example, your name, contact information, duties and skills) as well as the information collected through the forms that you have to fill in online or through an assessment process such as  personality questionnaires.


In order to apply for one of our offers we request you to either fill a form or in an email including your personal information, your contact details, your professional experience, your education, your skills, your qualifications and your preferences in terms of job.

By submitting your application through our website you authorize ManageriA to access your personal data and you agree to be contacted again to be informed of one or more job offers corresponding to your profile and likely to be of interest to you. These offers may be different from the initial offer you applied for.

Your application can be spontaneous and in this case, we intend to keep your personal data in order to come back to you with the offers best suited to your profile.

More broadly as a recruitment firm specialised in the agri-food sector ManageriA is likely to get in touch with you to notify you of job offers corresponding to your profile.

The recruitment process with ManageriA is as follows:

Step number 1: a telephone conversation lasting a few minutes where the purpose is to validate your skills, your professional project, your geographical mobility, your language level when required, as well as your salary expectations. This first step can also be an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the offer you applied for. In case of a direct approach from us it may be a chance for us to present the offer we had in mind when contacting you.

Step 2: interview in one of our two offices, Paris or Rennes or via videoconferencing through a secure platform with the Recruitment Consultant. After this interview, we might ask you to complete a personality questionnaire that is accessible through a secure platform. You will be the only one to have access to the identifiers and passwords to your personality test on this platform.

If you wish to continue the process after these first two steps and if your application is validated by our Agency you will meet the Recruiting Company and our Agency will assist you along the recruitment process.

We do not share your personal data or CV to Business (HR or operational services) without your written consent.

We are also likely to use your contact information to improve your candidate experience through surveys on our industry.

As our recruitment agency regularly carries out direct approach we are likely to identify you through professional social networks (eg Linkedin) and Candidates data bases on the web, by the Agency’s own network and meeting our Consultants during events etc. In these circumstances  we thrive to collect only the information necessary to contact you (Name, Surname, phone number and / or email). We will not keep your data without your written consent beyond the legal period and we are committed to respecting the principles of fair data collection.

Data conservation:

As per the legal requirements our Recruitment Agency will keep your data for a period of 24 months after your consent has been given. Because of our specialization in the agri-food sector, we draw your attention to the importance of maintaining regular contact with our team. Indeed, we are keen to accompany you throughout your career and therefore it seems important to us to keep a record of our exchanges. We will contact you before the 24-months timeframe expires to invite you to renew your consent and update your data if necessary.


ManageriA respects the ethical standards that govern our recruitment consulting business. As such, we are committed to rigorously applying the GDPR law especially in the area of ​​non-discrimination.

We recommend that you do not mention any personal information that does not relate to your professional skills and more specifically refrain from any mention of your origins, your state of health, your family situation, your morals, your sexual orientation, your political opinions, your physical appearance (photography), your trade union activities, your belonging or non-belonging to an ethnic group, a nation, a race or your religious beliefs.

IT and Freedom:

In accordance with the Data Protection Act January 6, 1978 amended and the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016, you have the right to access, communicate, modify, carry and delete any data related to you. To exercise one of these rights, simply send us an email to the address: infos@manageria.fr or a letter to the following address: ManageriA- 8, rue Saint-Martin – 75004 Paris.

Dissemination of your personal data:

As a specialised firm, we inform you that only members of our team will have access to your personal data through our HR information system, which is compliant with the General Rules for the Protection of Personal Data. We will not communicate your CV and therefore your personal data to the Companies who mandate us before having received your written authorisation.

We also inform you that we are likely to communicate your personal data if the law mandates us to do so or by a decision of justice.


You agree to notify us over the next 24 months of any changes to your personal data (name, contact details, location) so that we can modify your profile accordingly and keep only up-to-date information.

For your information, the application data is archived 5 years after last contact was made and then deleted 12 months afterwards as long as there has been no contact or mission.


We do our best to ensure maximum security for your personal data. Based on this our data centre is located in France complies with the GDPR Law and offers a proven solution for securing information.

Your Commitment as a Candidate:

When you apply with our company you agree to provide real data on your career as well as your qualifications. We draw your attention to the fact that we have to check all these information during our recruitment assignments.

For information, our firm is a signatory of the charter for responsible recruitment published by our professional union, SYNTEC CONSEIL EN RECRUTEMENT of which we are also administrators. It is available in its entirety here.

Here are the paragraphs concerning respect for the rights and interests of Candidates:

Recruitment without discrimination:

  1. Recruitment consultancy practices its profession in respect of the fundamental rights of the human being. It is specifically respectful of the private life and does not practice any principle of discrimination on the basis of the list established by the legislator.

Recruitment advice ensures the ongoing training of all those involved in the recruitment process in order to respect diversity in access to employment.

Relations with its stakeholders:

  1. The members of the SCR are subject to a confidentiality agreement and refrain from using the information they receive from the company or the candidate for purposes other than the success of the recruitment mission for which they are expressly mandated.
  2. SCR members undertake to set up means of continuous improvement (permanent training, methodological sheets, satisfaction questionnaires, thematic conferences, etc.) and to promote the adoption of control tools and / or labeling.
  3. With regard to the candidate the recruitment consultancy intends to create the conditions allowing him to express himself in all transparency and willingly gives his advice to the persons he meets, within the limits of his competences and his experience.

Quality process:

  1. He only accepts missions that he believes, in all his good conscience, to correspond to his skills and abilities.
  2. Recruitment advice necessarily takes place on the basis of a service contract which rephrases the need of the company, defines the content and the terms of the assignment, specifies the methodology used as well as the financial conditions.
  3. The Recruitment Council undertakes to acknowledge receipt of all applications. At the end of the mission, he also undertakes to provide a detailed answer to the candidates interviewed.
  4. He informs the candidate about the nature of the mission and its history (exclusivity, resumption of mission …).
  5. The recruitment consultancy is prohibited from exploiting private information regarding candidates collected on social networks or on the Web.
  6. Being led to initiate contact with potential candidates directly the recruitment consultancy undertakes to proceed with tact, measure and in complete confidentiality.
  7. Recruitment advice is forbidden to forward the CV of a person to a third party without his prior formal agreement.
  8. Recruitment consultancy undertakes to assess candidates only in terms of skills (knowledge, expertise, know-how and civic engagements) directly related to the position to be filled. On the basis of this principle, any questions regarding private matters are prohibited.
  9. It informs the candidates of the nature and purpose of the evaluation techniques used, any information collected this way must have been previously mentioned. It uses only tools that are relevant to the target. The recruitement consultant has a mastery of these tools and has assessed that they provide the necessary guarantees of validity, objectivity and efficiency.
  10. When requested by the candidates he provides the feedback on his application that is not divergent from the one written for the company.
  11. The recruitment consultancy keeps his contacts, companies and candidates informed throughout the evolution of the mission.
  12. Except in exceptional cases the recruitment council manages the reference taking. He does it with the contacts provided by the candidate and not without his prior knowledge.
  13. Recruitment advice assists the candidate and the company in a mutual understanding of the elements that make up their decisions.
  14. Recruitment consulting accompanies the integration of the candidate in his new workplace which is a key factor in the success of recruitment.
  15. The SCR member firms implement all internal procedures that comply with national and European laws relating to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.